how to consume values dynamically without refreshing the page

Hi i am trying to consume the data dynamically in a area chart without refreshing the page . But i am getting the  values dynamically only after refreshing the page each time. I have used “HTML1 snippet with context1” widget for timeout function for fetching the values in the Microflow,but without client action like page load or show page ,the datas are not getting refreshed.   PFB the screenshot  
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I don't understand exactly when you want the page to refresh but perhaps this might be what you’re looking for:

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In you case the value will be updated in database side. If you want to refresh the data without refreshing the page use  “Microflow Timer” where you can add timing that auto reloads the data by calling a microflow.

First download this :

Next insert the downloaded widget in the page were you want to reload automatically and set timer.

Finally call a microflow which refresh the object you want to 

Simple dhaan. Just try it.



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