Listview controls (dropdown filter) and auto-load more not working on listview (listview is not of type listview)

I am using Dropdown Filter in Mx 7.23.2 but can't seem to get it working in this specific case. Had no issues in another project (Mx 7.15.1) I am seeing the following error within the console: o.item is not a function o</r</t.findTargetListView@http://localhost:8080/widgets/com/mendix/widget/custom/listviewcontrols/DropDownFilter.js?636999894933458566:12:2051 o</f</e.prototype.checkListViewAvailable@http://localhost:8080/widgets/com/mendix/widget/custom/listviewcontrols/DropDownFilter.js?636999894933458566:12:13670 i@http://localhost:8080/mxclientsystem/mxui/mxui.js?636999894933458566:20:28164 the dropdown filter is there, but it doesn't connect to the list for some reason. I checked the autorisations and they all seem to be correct.  Configuration is done like below: EDIT: Looks like the listview is not rendered as type listview for some reason. When i add the AutoLoadMore widget f.i. i see the error below in the client. Supplied target name "listView2" is not of the type listview   Anyone? :)
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