Maps widget with features similar to Tableau

Hi, We are working on building a rich, stateful, interactive Maps feature in our application, that would replace our current Tableau-based solution. But we are unable to find a widget that will provide all the features that we are looking for. We have evaluated only the latest Maps widget version 1.0.4 published on 30 April 2019. We have not evaluated any of the older widgets. Can you please help and suggest how we can implement these features: Show a label under the marker. Automatically assign a different color to the marker, similar to a heatmap. We have tried using the ‘Marker image list’. Show a pop-up page on hovering over a marker. Select multiple markers. Add filters on the data source, and dynamically update the Map based on the resultant set. Remember the user’s settings and set filters.   Thanks, Paramdeep
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