Getting attribute through associated entity for check box

My page is displaying data for the admin where the admin will select the division using check boxes for the user. Example User Bob can view all projects in division A and B but not C. Every user can be assigned divisions so they see projects according to the divisions set for them. But in my page where the divisions are set for the user I want to add check boxes so the admin can select them ( multi select). The page is made in a way where the data is coming from different entities but the division entity is in a different module. The page has currently two data views which are displaying the data from those entities which are AppUser and UserProfile. I want to add the division check boxes in the AppUser data view since the entity AppUser has an association with entity Division in the HR module called AppUser_DivisionForEmployee. The attribute DivisionNameEng is the one I’m trying to get in the check box. But when I select the attribute path it doesn’t show the attributes for Division, only associations. I select the path as AppUser_DivisionForEmployee/Division but there are no attributes. How can I make this happen? The association between the AppUser and Division entities are 1(Divison) – *(AppUser) from AppUser to Divison and another also from AppUser to Divison which is of type many to many called AppUser_Division since as I want to assign multiple Divisions to multiple users at a time.    
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Just checking a simple possible cause: does your Division have an attribute? If not, you won't see it.

In your AppUser_NewEdit page, you should be able to add a drop-down with Data source Attribute path the attribute of the Project (Division in your case), since you have the *-1 association from AppUser to Division. 

The same goes for a reference set. It should also be possible.