Filtered listview as parameter

Hi all, I would like to pass a filtered listview (via the listviewcontrols: “textbox search”, “dropdown filter”) as a parameter to a microflow (actionbutton). So not a single (selected) object from that list, but the filtered list. Is this possible? The goals is to let the user perform a “mass-update” on those objects. Thanks a lot guys!
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I don't think this is possible by default! Sounds similar like this idea:

If you do want to create something like this you would have to create some custom search functionality.



When I have needed to do this, I have accomplished it in this way:

  • create a helper entity to keep track of your search results (via a many to many association)
  • create custom search functions so that any objects returned from a search are associated to the helper entity

This enables me to pass the entity, which has the associated objects, to my ‘mass action’ microflow.

Not ideal, but it can be effective in some circumstances.

Hope that helps,