From a microflow fill a parameter of a widget on my page

I have added the AnyChart-widget to my project, which is lovely, the best graph available in Mendix. I have added the AnyChart-widget on a page and set some values for it. But now I want a microflow to change some of the parameters of that widget. How to do that? The graphs itself are working fine. I am having several graphs on screen looking like this: So the problem is not how to get the data in the graph. That works. The question is: can I change the value of widget’s property static in any way using a microflow. The use case is to change the graphs looks via the chart-attributes contained in the database.    
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Hi Tim,

Check the Readme here:

Generating data and layout

  1. Add a Data attribute to the Chart entity
  2. In the widget set the Source attribute field in the Data tab
  3. Create a JSON Structure and use the Sample data as the snippet
  4. Create an Export Mapping with the JSON Structure
  5. Create a microflow that retrieves the data and use the Export Mapping to generate a String Variable. Store the value in the object attribute that is select as Source attribute

I have once used ‘AnyCharts’ and configured it using a microflow. Attaching a screen print for reference, might be helpful