Cant use the Camera widget offline, but cant see errors either

I'm trying to build an offline page that allows users to take photos and synchronize them with the database when they're online again. I'm using the Camera (for PhoneGap) widget to achieve this. The Camera widget works fine when I'm using an online navigation profile for that user. When I'm offline, the Camera widget launches and appears to operate normally, but the thumbnail isn't updated. Further, I don't see any errors in the Mendix Mobile app or the Studio Pro console. Instead, I get an error when loading the page that contains the camera widget which says only "Progress.remove: message 1 (or 2 or 3 or etc.) is not shown". I don't know what this not-shown message is, and there's no stack trace. If I attempt to save an image while offline, synchronization fails and breaks the Mendix Mobile offline app when I reload it. The only solution I've found is to delete and reinstall the Mendix Mobile app. This appears to be a consequence of the above error but, again, there's nothing useful reported in the console.
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