Last Edit function regarding a editable list / page

Hello Community,   I search a solution to track a last edit. In detail I will explain my usecase in following: I’m working at an app, where some selected people (one person of one plant) have to update some  values to their plant page.  Thus, I plan to add a Label at the page, that should show the last edit of the plant page.   Does any widget or solution exist to realize some of this labels?   Thanks in advance!
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On each entity, there is an option to have Mendix track change date.  You can turn this on in the entity properties window and use that date.  See the screen shot below for an example:

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Thanks, nice to know, that I could able to display this data via a text widget. Unfortunately, I have a litte problem. Above you can see my domain model. I would have on the project overview page a “Last Edit:” area, which should refer to the planned / actual number. That means, if a change one value of them (which is also associated to a month), then I would like to change the overall “Last Edit” area. (Each project is defined by a range of month and each month is described with an actual / planned number.) But I would like to have a “Last Edit”, that refers to all months regarding to one project. Is that possbile. Could I realize that with an workflow e.g. “Retrieve Month to Project, with Montlist as Iterator” ….?