Add filters in all types of fields of a datagrid

Hello,  I am looking for filtering fields in a datagrid, and I see that only the enumeration can be filtered as I would like to do.  Basically, I just want that when I click on the search field, I see a list of all the existing values of this field stored in the database, and choose one or multiple choices to filter the results of the datagrid. I tried some mendix modules that either didn’t work or didn’t do what I was expected (approximately everything that I could find by typing “filter” in the store search).  Anyone has a solution ?  Thanks,  Dan
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You can select in the way you described for enumerations (as you have learned) and also for attributes in associated entities.  So if you have an entity called Order with an associated entity Customer, in a datagrid of Orders, you can search for one or more customers with a drop down list.

If you want to search on an attribute on the Order entity that is not an enumeration you won’t be able to do that with out of the box (or app store) tools, as far as I know.  You would need to build a custom capability for that.

One thing to watch out for when you are using drop down lists of associated entities:  if the list of possible associated values is large, you may see performance impacts as Mendix will send all of the possible values for the associated entity to the browser.

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