Listview Swipe functionality not working

I followed the steps mentioned in below tutorial and created a mobile app. Nothing is happening on left/right swipe of listview. Not sure if the listview swipe is broken in Mendix 8. Can some one help me with this issue Note: I am trying the swipe on web simulator not on mobile
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Hi Mohan,

We found that List view Swipe is not compatible with Mendix 8.0.

We are looking into this issue at the moment.

I will keep you posted

Cheers, Andries

[UPDATE]: We released version 1.2.0 and is now available in the app store. Please note that you might need to add a class `widget-listview-swipe-foreground` to the foreground container to make it work


I have been following the training doc of “becoming a rapid developer” and tried the List view Swipe widget twice.(

No luck to make it work. I am using the latest  Mendix Studio Pro 9.02.