Pusher implementation to notify specific user only?

I was experimenting with Pusher, and I finally got it work by following the example project.   However, I wish to implement this feature to where I can designate a notification to specific user, rather that it being a global notification.   I looked into a variety of options for sending messages to specific users, however I do not want to use email/sms services; I want to be able to send a message to a specific user account, without implementing a chat/IM system. It would only need to be one-way (from admin to user).   Does anyone know if this is possible with Pusher?
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While the Pusher app store documentation describes a global notification, you could use a separate persistable object for each user (or groups of users, perhaps by user role or some other grouping) so that you can send separate notifications to different users or groups of users.  For Instance, if the persistable object that Pusher depends on is sourced via microflow on a page, you could return an object of which I am the owner, or a different object for each user role.  Then when you need to send a notification, you can retrieve the appropriate object(s) and use them for notifications.

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