Add second y-axis to a timeseries widget

Hi, I am trying to generate a second y-axis and map two data series to this new axis. I am tried to use the configuration JSON from an existing chart as template, but it didn’t work.  like this: Layout options {   "yaxis": {     "title": "Y-axis 1",     "zeroline": true,     "color": "#4682B4",     "showgrid": true,     "showline": true   },   "yaxis2": {     "title": "Y-axis 2",     "color": "#FF8C00",     "showgrid": true,     "showline": true,     "zeroline": true,     "overlaying": "y",     "side": "right"   } } Has anybody of you an idea how to solve this issue. I think the gap to configure the diagram is not so big. Thanks and regards, Ingo  
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