Fill drop down box with microflow data

Hi, I am trying to find a way to get data from a REST API call (that’s working fine) and fill this data into a drop down widget. I think there is no way to generate an enum by a microflow. To have an idea how to solve this issue? Thanks Ingo
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Hello Ingo,

I couldn’t find a widget for it, but here’s what I’d suggest as a workaround: 

Create a second entity in which you store the items from the response, then set an association from your page object to that entity. You can then use a reference selector to create a dropdown to select from items of the second entity. 

You might also need some identifiers or another way of instantiating the response you get to ensure you’re not showing items from another user’s form. 

Hope this helps.


The question is: What do you want to do with it?

If the Dropdown is about associating objects, you can use a reference selector and use a microflow to define the selectable objects. But that’s only one usecase for dropdowns. Maybe you want to do something else. Let us know.


Thanks for your quick reply, I ‘ll try your workaround.