Sorting a list only once

Hi, I have created a list containing ratings from 1 to 10. This list uses Xpath as datasource type. I want to sort this list from highest to lowest rating. I tried to do this with the built in sort order like so:   It works in the sense that the list is sorted from highest to lowest rating. The user is able to change the rating with a star rating widget:   After a rating is changed the list doesn’t behave like I want it to.  Expected behaviour: The list is initially sorted from highest to lowest. And is not resorted after a rating is changed. For example: If I would give ‘testuser1’ a 8 star rating he would remain at the bottom of the list. His position in the list should only change after the page is reloaded. Actual behaviour: The list is sorted and resorts everytime a rating is changed. For example: I give ‘JP Weijers’ a 1 star rating and he immediately moves to the bottom of the list.   I tried to solve this by using a microflow as a datasource and sorting the list in the microflow: This way the list also keeps resorting after a change is made. Besides not solving my problem, it’s also impossible to implement header sort and pagination on a list with microflow as a datasource. So I kind off have to use xpath or database as a source. Is there a solution to my problem? Thank you in advance!
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It seems like you are using a ListView.  If so, then you probably have a microflow that commits changes when a Rating is changed.  If so, you can solve your problem, I think, by selecting No for the Refresh in Client setting of your Commit(s).

Hope that helps,