Signature widget fails in Internet Explorer

While it works perfectly in Chrome, the signature widget throws a javascript error in Internet Explorer 11. The version of the module is 1.0.2 while our version of the Mx Studio is 7.23.7. The error is the following, and it prevents the page to be shown: Syntax error File: Signature.js, Line: 17, Column:1 [object Error]{description: "Minified Re...", framesToPop: 1, message: "Minified Re...", name: "Invariant V...", stack: "Invariant V..."} [object Error]{description: "factoryThrew", info: Array[2], message: "factoryThrew", name: "Error", src: "dojoLoader"} Loading module require*_32 failed! Check script file for syntax errors.   Any idea why this could be failing?    
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In my experience, a lot of modules do not work on IE11. I would call the IE JavaScript engine very “unique”. If you really need that module to work with IE11, either contact the creator, or if you want to fix this yourself, you could post this as a JavaScript question on StackOverflow.