Any Chart on click event not being triggered

I have created a chart using the Any Chart widget, and now I want to add a drilldown functionality. For this I would need to use the Event settings of the widget. However, neither the Microflow nor the Nanoflow are being triggered when I click on my chart. Here are my settings:   Any help?
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Did the permissions are set correctly? Do you see anything on the JS console?


I started modifying my data and layout settings, removing all my options one line at a time, to see what was causing this. It turns out that if you have “hovermode” set to false, in your layout options, then it won’t trigger on-click events. So hovermode must be set to true! (which is the default – I had it changed)


Dear Nikolaus,

Please have a look at the sample project in the release section of the Chart repository. 

I hope this will help you out

Cheers, Andries