Auto image scaling in native mobile (8.1)

Hello,   I'm wondering how I can change a static image, that is on the default native mobile layout, to scale/resize with the device. In this specific case it involves a logo. I tried different classnames but I can't find any refference online to “standard” classnames for images. The only information I can find is on props from react native 0.6. The problem with that is that I don't know how to change/implement those properties. I hope that there is a simpel refference list for standard classes to autoscale an image etc.   Thank you in advance for any help and tips!   -- Update – I checked the templates in de moddeler and this works: “cardPaymentImage” for class. However i'm still don't know where to find the references for making my own class.
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Good starting point are the pre-made templates and then this link

Question solved