Template Grid search message when no record found.

Hi, I have template grid which has number of records shown. And I have added few search buttons for search purpose which is working fine but if no record found there is nothing shown inside the grid. Is there a way to show text like “No record found” in case of failed search scenario.
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Hi Shashikant,

You could replace the template grid with a list view, this has a ''no items found'' message by default when no results are found. If you do need the template grid (search) features but still want a “no items found” message, you could solve this by adding some custom styling. 

The following CSS snippet will add a “No results found” message to all template grids when having no results to show:

.mx-templategrid .mx-templategrid-empty:first-child:before {
    content: "No results found";

Hope this helps!