Time series and area chart widget shown strange things

Hi,i have setup a page with several diagram widget to visualize some data. On the first view everything might be ok, but there are some strange behaviors: Left diagram: I couldn’t find a reason, why the x-axis will not be formatted correctly? The data type of the object entity is date and time.  Right diagram: I have setup a second y-axis and mapped the second series to theses axis via the configuration JSON, in preview window both series shown. But the diagram contains only one series. It doesn’t matter if the range of both axes is configured manually or automatic. Have I forgotten to set a parameter?  Thanks and regards  Ingo   Configuration of the left diagram: layout: {   "yaxis2": {     "title": "CO2 emissions [kg/kWh]",     "side": "right"   },   "yaxis": {     "title": "Share of renewables [%]",     "side": "left"   } } Series 1: {   "yaxis": "y",   "hoverinfo": "x+y" }   Series 2: {   "yaxis": "y2",   "hoverinfo": "x+y" }
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Hi Ingo,

Left chart: convert the datetime values to string with format yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:dd to fix this

Right chart: rename 'yaxis' to 'yaxis2' in Series 2