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Hello guys ,  if the list view returns empty it will return the message No items found , i need to overwrite it, through system texts option in the project we can change but it will reflect for all the list view we are using in the project… Tried through the jquery , css , javascript in the HTML snippet widget it working but it is inconsistent some times its coming and sometimes its not coming ……. jquery code which i used to change it : $("label:contains(No items found)").html("<label>No Mapping available</label>"); $("label:contains(No items found)").replaceWith("Hello world!"); is there any other alternate way to change it permanently and consistent for particular list view ????  
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Hello Narayana,

You can try something like this: {
    content: "My New Text for empty lists";
} label {
    display: none;

Hope this helps


Hi Narayana,

The li in an empty listview will have the class mx-listview-empty. You can use some css to hide this text and replace it with your own text.

Have you tried with some styling suggested in this question:

Hope this helps!