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Hi All, Can anyone give me some insight about reference selector for my scenario, I have gone through lot of mendix forum responses for Reference Selector but unfortunately couldn't able to get it done my scenario. I have a “Page” which was created based on “Entity1” and now I would like introduce ‘ReferenceSelector’ dropdown field from ‘Entity2’ (Both the Entities are in 2 different modules). My questions are as below: Requirement: Create ‘ReferenceSelector’ drop down field from Entity2. (This dropdown is always list, and coming from Entity2) - How do I maintain associations between Entity1 and Entity2 (Like 1:1 or 1:M) - What steps I should take when I’m creating Mircroflow for my 2nd data view (which I will be using inside my actual dataview on which the actual page was built) for the reference selector. - Also, explain me same microflow steps for remaining microflows which I will creating to select in the “Selectable Objects” and at the “On Change” event.   Thanks, Venu          
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Did you complete some of the learning paths? If not, I would highly recommend this.

To your question:

- The ReferenceSelector is used to maintain the association. The type of association you need to use depends on your usecase. The ReferenceSelector is used to set the association from one object to the other.

- The steps you need to take in your microflow depend on what this microflow should do? Is it a datasource microflow? If so, you need to retrieve the obejct you want to show. Be carefull with database retrieves, if you did not commit your changes, it will return the false object or no object at all. In this case, use retrieve via association.

- The selectable objects microflow need to return the list of objects that should be selectable in your reference selector. Retrieve them (, filter them) and return them.