How to fix error CE0568 : selected page {page name} expects an object of type X, which is not available here.

Hello community, I have  to manage some error with my mendix apps: I can not add a page {Registration_overview} to my navigation items because, an object {TrainingEvent} is not available there.  However, into my registration_overview page, I have put Dataview connected to TrainingEvent entity, and inside this dataview I have nested Listview linked to {trainingevent & registration} association.  Could anyone help me how to fix this error ? Thanks in advance,   Charles. 
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The button Registration shows the Registration_Overview for certain TrainingEvent. That is the reason of the error-message: without knowing for which TrainingEvent it needs to show the registrations, it won’t be able to show them. Therefore the button triggering this Registration_Overview, needs to be located inside a Dataview or listview of a TrainingEvent. That is no so in your current setup.

You can either move the button to a TrainingEvent’s Dataview or Listview.

Or you can make the button trigger a TrainingEvent-select page, which in turn show the Registration_Overview.