barcode scanner not for mobile

The barcode scanner widget looks like does exactly what I need except the app I’m developing it for is not mobile. Are there any other options or a way to enable this to work for non-mobile apps? Thank you!
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I have done something similar to this with a USB scanner connected to a Windows laptop.  The scanner was an input device, like the keyboard.  When I was in a text box on a page, using the scanner placed the barcode value into the box.  You can buy barcode scanners on Amazon for not much ($15 or so).  If you got a scanner, I think it would work with a text field in your Mendix app without too much work.



I second Mike’s idea here. I have successfully used an NFC reader to read in multiple NFC cards. I used on change events to register if a new chip was read. Worked pretty well with board functionality, too