Margin issue with scroll container

Hi, I don’t know if this is a bug or i am doing something wrong but i have an annoying issue when using the scroll container. I have a scroll container with an extra left and top region. When i add ‘spacing top’ (medium) to the item in the top region the margin is outside of the region instead of in. This makes the scroll container increase height so it doesn’t fit on the screen anymore and an annoying scroll bar appears. This makes it that now you have 2 scroll bars. One for the main region of the scroll container and one for the top + main region of the page (the left region doesn’t scroll though).  Although it says the wrapper and the scrollcontainer class have the same height, they don’t (see blue box in when hovering when inspecting element). And it is this first Text item with a margin of 15 pixels somehow making the scroll bar apppear   For now i’m just adding black lines before the text but for images and other widgets this doesn’t work (and adding text widgets with just blank lines before them isn’t really the way it should be). Any idea how to fix this or if it is a bug? Thanks,  Sam Loeys
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Hi Sam,

I have just encountered this problem, and I played with it a bit. The result of my playing is that if you put in a layout container the item that has spacing top or spacing bottom attributes, it will works properly.

Therefore my principle is to use layout container inside the scrolling container’s regions (top, bottom, left, right) exept in the main region.

Best regards,