GridSearch Comparison field date issue

We have a GridSearch Comparison widget set up to filter on a non-localized DateTime attribute, let's say Assignment.StartDate. When a user defines a searchfilter and sets date to 14-07-2019 the list gets filtered. When opening one of the filtered object and navigating back using a 'Close page' action, the filterdate gets set to 13-07-2019 and the filter is automatically refreshed. This is really annoying for users. I've tried to look into the source files and I'm guessing it has something to do with a localized parameterfield Date in the widget versus storeState: function (t) { var currentVal = this.searchWidget.get("value"); if (currentVal && this._attributeType === "date") { currentVal = currentVal.getTime(); } t("searchValue", currentVal); where the getTime function gets the UTC time. Any ideas on how I can fix this are much appreciated. I've filed a GitHub issue but I'm not seeing much action there so hoping I can fix it myself. We're using version 3.0.3 with Mendix 7.23.7.
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