Deleting an object in a listview that contains a DropdownDivConvertor Mendix 8 - access errors

As in title – when deleting an object that is displayed in a listview, with a DropdownDivConvertor present in the same listview, I get various errors (some buttons are hidden based on attribute values) telling me the object is not accessible. Removing the dropdown div convertor from the listview fixes all issues. Does anyone know how to fix this behaviour? Our client really likes the dropdown :)
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It's still a known bug:

  • When you have a conditionally visible widget and the object used for the conditional expression is deleted, this results in an error. (Tickets 88646, 88783, 89114, 89756, 90495, 90680)


The bug was introduced in 8.x Mendix version.

Release notes (v8.2.2):