Datagrid Multi row selection Lost on click of Button

Hi, I have a datagrid that allows multi rows selection which contains Action button that calls the microflow for selected rows. On click of the button the selected rows are lost from the datagrid without screen refresh. I want the selected rows to be as selected even after the Microflow call as I am not refreshing the screen. Can you please tell me how to achieve this functionality. Thanks
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Think this is as designed and there is no “default” way to change this. What you can do is using the folowwing widget:

- When you pres the button you do have the list as a parameter in the microflow
- Connect the list to a helper object
- Put the widget on the page
- Connect to a microflow which is receiving the list from the helper object. 

Maybe you have to do a refresh somewhere. Did not test it, but i do think this could work.