Table creation in Mendix Studio

Hi, I am new to Mendix and i was trying to create a table in a page to create text fields. However, from the documentation, I came across different types of Container widgets in which Table is one of the type. I am unable to to find it under the structure section in the Mendix Studio and also read through in the Table section in the documentation without understanding much. Could you please provide more information on how to create tables using the Table container widget?   Regards Anirudh  
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Hi Anirudh,

The Table widget is not available in the toolbox of Mendix Studio.

Tables are rendered in Studio when used on a page. But these can only be added or changed using Studio Pro.


In Studio you could use the layout grid or the data grid to present information in tabular ways.



i would suggest to do some of the learning paths in the academy section. The answer will be in there.

It’s hard to give an answer right here because I don’t really know what you are trying to achieve. The learning paths will give you the answer.

There is a table in Mendix. But I don’t think that it will solve your issue.