Not able to capture uploaded file details using dropzone widget

Hello I have a requirement,  where a user will upload a file, and i have to store the file in a path.  I have a Document entity which I have generalised with System.FileDocument. When I use a Mendix default browse button(File Manager widget), I could capture the file that i uploaded via browse button and achieve the required functionality. But when I removed the browse button and added Dropzone widget and clicked on ‘Save’ button, I am not able to capture the file that I try to upload. Even the File Name that I uploaded is uncatchable.  Can someone please suggest what can be done here? I want to capture the file details that I uploaded like filename, file, so that I can take place the file in a folder. Edit: I havent yet found a way to solve this issue.  Thanks Manasa
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Probably you are using,

Which has a `Auto Start Upload` property, you could set.

A new widget for file upload is added; this might be use full alternative for you