Any Chart - On Click Event page and post data processing

I am using Any Chart – Pie Chart and where the data source is REST  API, so it is non-persistent object. Once this is done, I like to have access to these data during on Click event of PIE chart slice selection, so that I can filter the last data source and display the page accordingly. Seems like , I only have access to event data. So, my issue is I am not able to find a way to have access to those non-persistent data entities (returned after REST Call)  and avoid calling the REST call again. Please advise how to achieve this. Thanks, -Binod  
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A solution could be something like;

1 – build a helper object

2 – build a seperate microflow where you retrieve the data over a REST call and associate it to your helper object (assuming it is not that much data, if so just hang what you need in further processing)

3 – give the helper object as a data view around your chart

4 – change your datasource of the chart into a microflow datasource, wherein you can give the helper object as a parameter and you can retrieve the chart data and return it as a list to your chart

5 – create an on change microflow with a helper object as your parameter, where you can retrieve the non persistent data over the helper object