CameraWidget will not access camera

When using the camera widget, the camera can never be detected on the laptop.  This makes it nearly impossible to develop apps (no debugging, etc).  At this point, we have to deploy changes and hope for the best.  I’m running Windows 10 using the Chrome browser.  The CameraWidget claims that it will work in this configuration, but it doesn’t seem to work for any of us.  Is there some sort of trick to getting this thing to work with the laptop camera so that this thing can be run locally for testing?  We are using this camera widget:     Thanks.    
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Have a look at, on the right bottom of the screen there is a working implementation of Camera widget, see if it works for your webcam too. Code of that project can get forked from github, if need be.

There is also an alternative on the left bottom, which is just using javascript in nanoflows. See whatever works for you.