ERROR in Entry module not found: Error: Cant resolve ....jsx

When trying to create a custom pluggable widget (following what was learned in the tutorial) everything compiles and packages up fine, except I see this error: ERROR in Entry module not found: Error: Can't resolve 'D:\Data\Mendix\Widgets\test\WidgetName\src\WidgetName.jsx' in 'D:\Data\Mendix\Widgets\test\WidgetName\node_modules\@mendix\pluggable-widgets-tools\scripts' Unzipping the package (mpk) file shows there’s nothing in there except the xml files.  Is a JSX file expected, or can I ignore that error?
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What did you name your widget’s main tsx file? I get this error when my main tsx file doesn’t match then name that was generated in my package.json, etc. There should be a js file in your top level and in the subdirectory of the mpk when it builds correctly.