How do I eliminate horizontal scroll bars?

There are a few related posts...unfortunately I can’t fix it (see the offending widgy-bits on the 3rd image).  The page is responsive web, full production/security app etc.  The layout page (see 1st image) is nothing special...a scroll container with topbar & main, that’s it.  The page itself (see 2nd image) isn’t very special.  I’ve tried the data view inside a layout container, outside a layout container, the scroll container inside a layout contain….various combinations.  What do I have to do to get rid of the horizontal scroll bars? Oh yeah, browser is internet explorer on lap/desk top Thanking you in advance! Regards, Ted. LAYOUT   PAGE   AS IS IN INTERNET EXPLORER
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I think it’s your scrollcontainers combined with using a layout grid?
trye removing both, and the adding one at a time, see if that helps