Dynamic chart accessing $currentObject to add attribute to XPath filter

Hi, I’m testing out some use cases for dynammic charts and came across one issue whereby I would like to set the XPath constraint to an attribute (let’s call this a unique key) of the current object (Graph has to be in a data view despite it accessing the database for data). The “hard-coded” XPath constraints work perfectly but this isn’t such a one-size fits all solution.   Any idea or suggestions on how I could make this work would be much appreciated.  Cheers, Andrew
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May this could help you;

- usa microflow as datasource for your char

- keep a type for each case in your $currentObject/case

-retrieve the data for your chart based on the $currentObject/case and return it to your chart

-for better performance and a more dynamic database query  you can also think to a OQL query in your datasource microflow