Listview with hidden columns titles, is it possible?

Greetings,  I have a listview that was styled with grid template css in order to look like a table/grid. I am using listview because I am applying a visibility condition to every attribute of my table and checking if that value is not empty. If the value is empty, then the column won’t appear. My problem is the titles. I don’t want to loop through the titles don’t want these to repeat in every line BUT if I place these out of the listview I can’t really hide them based on the same condition. I am missing out this conection, is it probably to fix this? what should I consider doing in this situation? if I had an entity like EntityExample var1 var2 var3 and displayed it like, with a list view: Example: VAR 1  VAR 2 VAR 3 a             b          c  if the VAR 2 has zero rows with values I want it to disappear, but even though I can make the ‘b’ disappear with a condition for visibility I can’t make the title ‘VAR 2’ disappear, so this happens instead: VAR 1 VAR 2   VAR 3 a                          c I want it to be  VAR 1 VAR 3 a              c   Is this possible? how could I do this? connect the title with the content of the list view, in code I could do something like if list is empty and attribute type of VAR 2, I could remove  the vAR 2 from the list before displaying it, but not sure how to do this here in low code.
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so the way I see it is you really have a lot of individual lists?

so if list is empty dont show it, and the list title should also be hidden.

so youd need something like this in css:
container with flex horizontal
- container with condifiontal visiblity if empty
- – List view with your list items.


what you can also do is add the titles to each row and set their css to display: none,
and than with css you can do a :first-child dispay:block.

both have their own pro’s and cons.


hope this helps a bit



What is missing in the Mendix list is a header and a footer and options like this. Mendix does have a next-generation Datagrid lined up, but with no set date.

See Jason’s comment for the current solution.