Preserving the expanded state of the tree structure (displayed using Tree Table widget) after adding a node to the Tree dynamically

Hi, I am using the Tree Table widget to display a tree structure. I have added the functionality to add a  new node dynamically to the tree table (by ‘double click’  option of the widget, I take the input for the new node on another page and save the node object). Once I add a new node, there are 2 ways:  1) I can refresh the page with the Tree table. In this case, the earlier expanded tree structure is closed and only the root node is seen. I again have to open the tree structure manually to bring it to the previous expanded state and also to see the newly added node. 2) I do not refresh the page with Tree Table. In this case, the expanded tree structure is preserved, but the newly added node is not visible, since the page is not refreshed. My question is :  Is there any way to add a new node dynamically to the tree structure, and after that still preserve the earlier expanded node structure as well as show the newly added node in the tree structure? Thanks in advance.
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