Trigger events from other widgets when using the Drag&Drop.

Hi, Default mendix on change/ on leave behaviour is called when leaving the widget, either by using the Tab key or by clicking another widget. My page has an input field with an on change, and a listview with drag and drop.  The problem is: when the input field is changed and I click on an item in the  listview, the on change action is not performed. This is caused by to the drag & drop, when removing the drag and drop widget it works like a charm.  I'm wondering if anyone experiences the same, and can help me fix this bug.  Further information: Not only the on change is not performed, the whole change is just removed from the cache so users should deliberately press tab, or click away before clicking the listitem, otherwise their entry is gone. It seems that not just the on-change is the problem but its more… Update: I already found out that the focus never leaves the input field, so the draggable widget should remove the focus from the other input widgets. Can someone help me with how and where to change this in the Widgets javascript. I can't exactly figure out where in drag/click action is invoked in the widgets (the jquery library's make it a bit more complex)
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I've been able to fix it  by excluding he event.preventDefault() method in codeline 923 within the jQuery UI library. Until now the users and me did not experience any other side effects.

However, I know that this adjusting the library is not a preferred solution, so I if anyone has better option, for example  a change in the draggable.js itself please respond. But for I will set this question as resolved,