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Hi, I have the following need. Is there any widget (OOTB or custom) that can support matrix display? LIke, I have list of entities(rows) and another set of entities (columns).  User can then select a cell (like a put a text like below C or checkmark or something else to indicate whether there is a dependency between the row and column for that cell( create a dependency relation internally between row and column entities). Is there any widget like that could be used ? Or is any other better way to do this from a user standpoint so that he can do multiple creations of dependencies at one time and also be able to see what he has done/exists.   Thanks
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Hello Manyam,

You could represent data that way through a pivot table widget. 

Appears there are two on the app store, This one and This one, unfortunately I’m not sure which is better – the second seems to be from a slightly later version but both were created in Mx 6.

Hope this helps