Dynamic carousel with dynamic content

Greetings,  I need a dynamic carousel where I can have any number of slides. Example: could have either 2 slides or 20 slides or 10 slides. Any number, dynamically. The content of those slides should be also variable, it could be in image in one slide but only text in other slide, and then only a link in other slide. Overall I want to be able to control the content of that slide. I know Mendix store has some carousels widgets but those only support images. I need to be able to have other content options besides images.  How can I do this?  
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restyle a listview with some sass and nanoflow to add a class to the next item and with css animation everything should slide around nicely.

but only works in mx8, and you might want to reconsider if this is the kind of interaction you want in an application.

Carasouls are often frowned upon by most UX designers because they hide content and often have negative effects on the user.