List View Swipe widget in native mobile profile in Mendix 8.3: list items stay swiped and Load more button disabled

Hello! I'm using the 'List View Swipe' widget in a native mobile profile in Mendix 8.3. I have two issues. Maybe you can help? When I swipe a list item and use the revealed button to navigate to a newEdit page, and after saving the changes in a nanoflow, come back to the page with the list (by using a ‘close page’ command in the save nanoflow), the originally swiped item in the list remains ‘swiped’. I thought maybe refreshing the context of the list in the save nanoflow would help, but it did not.   Using the ‘List View Swipe’ widget disables the ‘Load more’ button. When the page size of the list view widget is set to 10, the 11th list item is not shown, but also the ‘Load more’ button is not shown.   Screenshot of the implementation: Hope someone can help! Gr, Bart
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Hi Bart,


The default behavior for the option "Show options (buttons)" is keep swiped because we cannot control the behavior of custom widgets you place inside. You should select "Swipe out and reset" or "Toggle" to automatically close if after execute the action. About the load more, for native this auto loads more when you swipe down. We dont have a button to show more.