Autopopulation of datagrid with object linked to UserID

Hi I am building an estate administration system, where I have two user types, namely brokers and testators. Both user types need to log in first. I want the the system to automatically route the testator to a new page with a datagrid containing his estates' assets and liabilities  upon successful login. My sense is to build a custom login page, linked to User entity, allowing me to obtain his UserID for both validation and estate object retrieval purposes.  Where I am falling over is relating the UserID to a specific object in the Estate Table
2 answers

First: take the Rapid developer learning path: 

Second: use the default login, since a custom one doesn't add anything related to your scenario

Third: associate the estate entity to the account/User Entity

Fourth: Constrain the displayed list to “path to user”

fifth: Publish your profile ;-)


What about creating an association between your Estate entity and the Account entity? That should work and is pretty easy.

I really recommend doing some of the learning paths in the academy section. Stuff like this is covered in there.