Gantt Chart or something else?

Hi all again, I finally managed to make a nice project where you can add tasks to projects and schedule them accordingly. Now, the last step for me is to visualize the planning. Looking around in the App Store, I found a Gantt chart (GanntEditor).  I managed to get it to work, but there are two problems with it: After leaving the page, and returning the added tasks dissapear (so it’s not committing, but I don’t get why..) As there are multiple projects, I want to show a gantt chart for every project. Somehow I cannot manage to link the Gantt chart to a particular project. If I add a task and tell it that it belongs to a project (and not the standard white space in the dropdown menu), it will not appear in the gantt chart..  I already checked the following forum link: where I actually followed the explained steps there, but I cannot get any wiser. Does anybody have an idea? I also am not really happy about the two gantt charts I can find in the App store. Is there maybe someone who has an alternative of how I could show (in a nice manner) the planning to the project manager, based upon the tasks for a project? (and then also I need to show it nicely to the manager of all his/her employees and the corresponding tasks to have an overview of the occupancy rate of the employees) Thank you all in advance!
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Ok, no need anymore for help, I already found another way to do it. I used the following widget:

- GoogleChartTimeline

The only thing I don’t understand. I want have on the tooltip the employees working on a task (which can be multiple employees), but I cannot manage to get them under the tooltip. In the figure below you see how my entity looks like:


Someone an idea of how I could link the accounts to the tooltip? 

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