Displaying DateTime values in chart axis

Hi,  How to properly display Date and Time attributes in as X (or Y) values in a chart when using the basic Charts widget? If I use a Date and Time  attribute as X value i always get this unreadable 1.5xxxxT values (see picture below). I however want just the date or, if small range the time, to show on the X-axis. Can this be done and how? Thanks!
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Use the pre-configured Time Series chart, or convert the X Value to a string with format yyyy-MM-dd like so:

formatDateTime($date, 'yyyy-MM-dd')

If you use an export mapping you can set a converter there. 


It’s to show of a demo for the speed and ease of use with Mendix so formatting DateTime is a good workaround but breaks the flow of my demo a bit, i’ll give the time series chart a try!