Pluggable Native Widget - Object List

Hello! I'm currently building a pluggable native widget, I’ve followed the tutorial but now need to pass a list of objects retrieved from a Mendix Entity either direct from the database or from a Nanoflow. In the list of supported Property Types I can't see any reference to a list other than an arbitrary list of properties ( . Anybody know how this can be achieved? It feels like its not possible but that would massively reduce the use of pluggable widgets so I hope I’m wrong! Thanks very much!
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Hi Ian,

As mentioned by Freek retrieving a list of objects is currently not possible. I expect that this will be added to the pluggable widgets framework quite soon though, as during one of the latest meetups Danny Roest mentioned this to be on the short-term roadmap.

In the documentation it also says ‘Planned’ ( So hopefully this will come available in one of the next Mendix releases. 

Hope this helps!