How do you use the source of a local image in a native component?

As the title says, I’ve added a property of the type “image” to my native widget xml. This allows me to pick a static or dynamic image as attribute value. I can use this attribute value in my widget code, but the uri of the chosen item is always empty.  if(this.props.sourceLocalImage) { if(this.props.sourceLocalImage.value) { source = this.props.sourceLocalImage.value.uri || ''; } else source = this.props.sourceString || ''; } } The rest of the widget uses either a remote url or base64 string to display it, like  <Image source={{uri: source}}></Image> Which works using said remote url or a base64 string.   How can I use the chosen image? Thanks in advance!
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Not much of an answer, but I’ve broken down and submitted this as a bug report, for others running into the same issue. I’ll update this if Mendix can confirm I’m doing something wrong or if they’re fixing it if I wasn’t ;)