TextBoxEnterKey(v1.2.0) and CustomInputMask (v2.0) widgets error while downloading from appstore

Hi – I'm trying to download the TextBoxEnterKey(1.2.0) and CustomInputMask(2.0)  widgets from the appstore, but when I try to download the latest version , I get a 'Unable to read package information' error.  All the higher version which are released for these widgets, I have tried them downloading. But even though, it is throwing the same error. Can you please help me on these. Thanks in advance.  
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Both widgets are not compatible with Mx 8, you could raise issues on the github of the widgets: https://github.com/Finaps/EnterKeyWidget and https://github.com/mchmx/InputBoxOctober/issues and ask if they could be updated.

Or try a different solution for your functional need. For example on a regular input field you can use the ‘on enter’ event.