Chart with multiple values on any axis

I want to create a column chart where x-axis is of type date/time and two series on y-axis. That means each value (timestamp) on x-axis has two corresponding values on y-axis that is a minValue and maxValue. Consider an entity with attributes minValue, maxValue and time. It defines a min/max value for something on specific time. I want to display it in a chart like picture shared below. In charts cheat sheet there are some plotly configurations described for multiple axes (possibly with static data) but I couldn’t understand how to set data source for multiple Y-axes to those two attributes in my entity? Chart should get all data from this entity and show it like below. Time on x-axis and two values min & max on y-axis. I was able to display single value which is set in “data points” as y-axis data attribute” of column chart widget. Blue: minValue Green: maxValue
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The chart shown in the picture does not have multiple axes. These are multiple series on the same x axis. 

Try to create 2 series (one for min and one for maxvalues) and use the exact same values for the X axis on both series.