HTMLSnippet Embed External Calendar

Hi All I received some code from a third party supplier to be able to embed a calendar in HTML.  I am using the HTMLSnippet widget but it does not display.  If I add some code afterwards, that text will display. <div class="meetings-iframe-container" data-src="ThisIsTheLinkToTheCalendar?embed=true"></div>     <script type="text/javascript" src="https://pathtoJavaScript.js"></script>   Thank you
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Hi Carl!

Have you checked the console in Mendix and/or Chrome via the Chrome DevTools? If anything on the client side goes wrong you might see some messages over there. First suggestion would be to add the <script> tag to your index.html to make sure it is loaded the first time your app starts, this way you only have to add the <div> tag to the HTML snippet widget!




I got it to work!

So I inspected the standalone webpage I created and copied the full iFrame code into the HTML Snippet widget.

Thank you for all your help Freek Brinkhuis, your debug techniques led me to the idea.

Kind Regards,