List View Search on type for Non Persistent Data

Hi Team, I am working on the List View Widget with datasource as Microflow from REST service mapped to Non Persistent Entity. I am trying to add the search functionality for the list view such that on type of key the list view should be filtered and updated on the view. I have tried the List View Controls – Text box search (which supports only persistent data) which doesn’t work in my case as the data is Non Persistent. Please let me know how to achieve this functionality. Thanks in Advance!!!
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You could look at creating a search option by adding a extra NP entity with a single string attribute.

Associate entity containing the returned list  with a *-* to this new entity

Add a dataview to the page showing the results

Connect Dataview to new entity

Nest the list showing the results into this dataview and connect it over association from search entity to result entity

Add a  text box in the dataview + button triggering the MF which filters the result list based on the search query in the text box.

And associate the filtered list over the *-* association to the Search entity.