Issue with OnChange Inputbox

Hello, I am having an issue with the OnChange Inputbox widget. We are using the box to call a Microflow that uses some custom JavaScript to format a phone number, that part is working fine. It is being used in a Dataview that assigns a “Contact” as a part of a “Quote”, there are 3 contacts added on this page Shipper, Consignee and Bill To and each Dataview is tied to a Non-Persistable “Contact” Entity that each live inside of a larger Page Parameter “Quote” entity. What we want to do is have a button that calls a Microflow that replicates the information in either Shipper or Consignee and copies it into Bill To. The Microflow is preforming as it should, the problem is coming back into the page, all other Textboxes in the Bill To section populate as they should, except the OnChange Widget field. That widget is not populating after the Microflow is performed.  Another thing to note, the 3 Dataviews inside of the Page Parameter Dataview call a Microflow when the page loads to get the first “Contact” NPE attached  to the “Quote” because an association between a Persistable and a Non Persistable entity cannot be 1-1. 
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